Monday, July 06, 2009

June - Were did you go?

June just seemed to fly buy!
Here are just a few things that happened!

Emma graduated from kindergarden!
Last Day of school: getting sprinkled with First Grade Dust!
Eagle Fun Days: Bike parade
Aspen broke her collar bone!
She was playing on Nana's play set and fell off about 5+ feet landing on her shoulder. Almost didn't take her to the ER since she was still running and playing after a quick nap. But she would start screaming if you picked her up under the arm pits, so in we went knowing that something just wasn't quite right. Dr took x-rays but didn't really think she was broken since she was climbing all over the hospital bed, jumping up and down with out pain, and had almost full mobility of her arm. As we were waiting for the x-ray to come back, I was sitting there thinking that it was the biggest waste of $50 since she was running around and around and around. When the Dr. came and said I just had to see this, and that I have myself one tough little girl, I could hardly believe it. But sure enough it was definitely broken. She makes me laugh. Aspen didn't hardly cry unless you touched her in the wrong spot, but once she saw that sling, it was all over. We had a melt down. The nurse got us some super strong Tylenol, showed us how to wear the sling, and off we go for ice cream.

So she cried not because she was broken, but because she had to were a sling!
She has been a trooper. My mom took the sling that was way to big, and cut it down to fit. We added a ribbon across the thumb, so she would stop taking her arm out to use it. Mom also used the scraps to make her Bear a sling to. That made wearing the sling lots funner. So after three weeks of no swim lessons, no bike riding, and no swinging (with out to much complaint) we are on the mend.
It took her a little bit to figure out that when the Dr. said no swimming or bike riding, he only meant her. not all the other kids too. Poor Girl!

And that's just the tip of the ice burg. The girls got to spend the last week and a half at oma's being watched by there Aunt Carlee while Clay and I got to live, breath, drink, and sleep fireworks. Great big thanks to her. And hopefully I will get some pictures of there adventures.

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James & Jessi McCalvy said...

I'm so glad you blogged Aspen's story. She is a tough kid!