Saturday, September 05, 2009

Emma's in FIRST GRADE!

I cant beleave were in first grade. No more 1/2 day stuff were in the real deal now!
I dont know who was more excited Emma or me.I think she was a little nervous, because about 30 min before it was time to leave we had quite the conversation!

Emma: Mom I'm not sure I'm ready for 1st grade
Me: Why is that?
Emma: Well they do hard math in 1st grade
Me: Whats hard math?
Emma: Before, (meaning kindergarten) we did stuff like up to 10, and now they will do hard stuff like up to 12!!!

It was so cute, and hard not to laugh. After reassuring her that they will go slow, and start with the easy stuff so when they get bigger its not so hard, then we were good to go!

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Sarah said...

Oh,that's too cute! lol