Friday, January 08, 2010

12-24-09 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun this year. After the Simpson Family Gift Exchange it was time to come home and put out cookies for Santa. One bonus to being Santa's helper, is that you get to help the kids make cookies for Santa, and if your lucky you get to make the cookies that sound yummy to you. :)
We let the kids open one present on Christmas eve that is always there PJ's. Luckily they haven't figured this out yet, and they still get really excited. Then Clay let them open one more. Which then meant that I got to open one too. The girls present to me, was then presents to them which were there wheels and pieces for there skateboards. Emma's board has retro sunglasses in fun colors, and Aspen picked out a Dr. Sues board.After a quick bed time sandwich, it was off to bed so Santa could come.

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