Saturday, October 16, 2010


I figured I had better just do one big post for all the activities we did in July.
At the rate I'm posting I might never catch up otherwise.
JULY 18, 2010
We took the girls into the foothills for a little rock climbing. They had so much fun. It was more running around and climbing small rocks than actual rock climbing, but who's counting.We had our annual Simpson Family Reunion. Always fun. But I don't have any pictures. Weird! Guess its time to hunt down the reunion disc and see if there are any good ones of my kiddos.

JULY 20-25, 2010
Then the girls got to spend a week at Challenger Soccer Camp.
There coach was Stephen from England. Its a great program where the coaches get housed by different families here in town. If we ever have a the room to accommodate one of the coaches, we think it would be blast. The girls loved camp, and said that all they did was play games the whole time. Love it when coaches teach through play, rather then drill after drill. The kids learned a ton without realizing they were actually doing a set drill.
JULY 24, 2010
We gate crashed Aunt Amy's pool a few times too. That was a BLAST! Aspen got so much better at swimming this summer just from playing on the steps.
Emma loved the rope swing, and probably climbed higher than me on it. I just loved laying out getting PINK and watching the kids. I don't know why I bothered taking a book. They never let me read it anyways.Girl after my own heart.Sorry Kurt, but I just had to show just how much fun we had there!
Swimming is always funner with friends, and since Amy and kids were in McCall we brought Kurt, Carlee, and Kids. The littler kids need a little help getting the rope for the rope swing so UNCLE KURT TO THE RESCUE!

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