Monday, September 15, 2008

9-15-08 SNOW DANCE

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love the winter.
We thrive in the winter.
The second the summer is over we want winter, and we want it now!

We just brought out our ski gear from storage to have a look at it, and see how everything fits.
The girls loved trying everything on. I mean every piece of ski gear they own on. Clay and I couldn't miss this golden opportunity to have a little snow dance, and get the girls excited about skiing. Aspen was having a hard time understanding why we weren't going skiing, but loved running around in her ski boots, and playing in all her gear.
I'm happy to see she is showing a very strong interest in skiing and should really be able to get the hang of it this year! Emma is super excited, and wants to go with us to the ski movies when they come out!


We couldnt miss this opportunity to take a family picture.
I think it looks so funny without snow, but it explains our family really well!

Aspen refused to take off her pants and boots when we were done.
We think she is just practicing for spring skiing in her Bikini!


Kim Davis said...

I love it. You guys are so fun. The picture of Aspen in half summer, half winter is my favorite.

Sarah said...

OMG, that video was so cute! lol

I actually think that's a *great* family picture.