Friday, September 19, 2008

9-19-08 BIG GIRL BEDS!!!

When we were pregnant with Aspen Clays dad made Emma a toddler size bed so that we could have the crib for baby. Now that Aspen is done with the crib (We haven't had the side up for months) we were trying to decide what would be best to do on a tight budget, and a shared room. Bunk beds came to mind, but got scratched when I thought about the fights that would ensue over who got top bunk. Anyone who knows Aspen knows she is extremely stubborn, and is not about to be short changed. While Emma knows that she is older and gets more privileges because of it. Besides making bunk beds are never easy. While bunk beds might open up a little more space in there room, I decided I just wasn't ready for that. We already had Emma's way cute bed that I wasn't ready to get rid of yet either. So we asked Marv (Grandpa) if he would be willing to make another bed that matched.
And here is the result!

Marv said he would make it, but we had to paint it. Fine with me. Emma's bed was all white, and I had planned on doing the same thing with Aspen's bed, but when Aspen heard us talking colors she was adamant that she wanted a "PINK" bed, and of course Emma chimes in that she wants pink too. (We kind of have an obsession with pink in our house.) How to solve this when mom really doesn't want an all pink bed? As you can see... mom got the white, and the girls got pink too.

Aspen is very excited to sleep in her new bed. They have both been sleeping with their mattresses on the floor while the beds got painted. I'm hoping to use this as incentive to go to bed when I ask them to. Aspen is notorious for getting up and turning the light on to play after we put them to bed. I never had this issue with Emma and am at a loss at how to handle it. Emma will be sound asleep and there is Aspen playing away! Makes for a frustrated mom and a cranky kid the next day. But yeah for big girl beds that I'm hoping they will last us for quite a while, or at least until Emma gets to big for hers.
'Don't grow to fast girl, or where in trouble'

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Cindy said...

Those are very cute beds Kristen. I like how you were able to do the colors so both the girls and you were happy.