Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So for the last week we got to watch some of the girls cousins, while there parents went to Hawaii. Talk about jealous! We spent the week living at their house and driving their cars, because their is no way that we all would have fit in my house and car. Anyway, going from 2 kids to 6 kids was quite the experience. Luckily they are all really good kids, and was really pretty easy. I think the hardest was the morning schedule. Most of you know that I am not at all a morning person, so to go from really lazy mornings, where I have plenty of time to get ready and get the girls ready for Emma's PM Kindergarten, to early get up and go mornings was not easy. The AM schedule went like this:
6:30 Gavin up and shower
6:40 me up and throw on gym cloths
7:00 All kids up for breakfast
7:25 Gavin off to school (thanks Clay for taking him)
7:30 Get all other kids ready and do hair
8:45 Conner and Avery to school
9:00 Krew to Preschool
9:15 Palates
12:00 Pick up Krew
12:30 Take Emma to school
2:40 Gavin out of school
3:40 Pick up other kids from school

Somewhere in there I got the little kids lunch, made dinner and ran kids to any PM activity's they had. Not to hard of a schedule, just early. Here is a picture of all the kids being crazy
(per Krew's request)Emma and Avery had a ton of fun dressing the same (thanks NANA for the matching school cloths) and getting their hair done the same "EVERYDAY". Usually buy the time it was Aspens turn I was sick of doing hair and she would get boring piggy tales.

Krew and Aspen were such good buddy's this week. They played together so good. Which left me with a lot of free time on my hands between picking up or dropping off. It was nice to sit for a minute and read a book.

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