Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Christmas Tree Lot! Dec 2008

From the Day after Thanksgiving (no shopping for us) To our annaversary: December 22, Our lives were taken over by Christmas trees. It was quite the adventure and a whole lot more work than I ever thought that it would be. The girls were very good sports, and probably loved it because they ended up having lots of play days with cousins, and eating lots of Mcdonalds. Luckly after the first few days we were told it would be ok to sleep at home. That probably saved our sanity. The girls did get to camp-out in the motor home once or twice and they had a good time, but Mom and Dad were miserable. Trying to make sure they stayed warm and covered, while we shared a tiny bed turned out to not be very much fun. I have never loved sleeping in my own bed more! The girls had a lot of fun playing in the motorhome that we borrowed for the month. This drop down bed was the best. They loved to climb all over the place and watch movies from up there! This picture is from a day (the only day) that they actually fell asleep and had naps at the tree lot!
Once the snow fell things became a whole lot more fun! I pulled out all there snow cloths, and the girls had a blast building snowmen, playing tag and hide and seek in the trees, and just playing outside.

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