Thursday, December 25, 2008


The month of December has been really really really crazy for us! Thank you to everyone who helped out, watched the girls on many occasions, and picked up Emma from school for me when I couldn't!
Just before we started the tree stand, we took the girls over to the bike park for a little family fun before our lives were taken over by Christmas trees! Clay, Emma, Aspen, and our friend Greg all road around for a while. I was so proud of Emma for trying some of the ramps and other obstacles. check out my flicker sight for some video of her.Aspen was not about to be left behind, and because Clay had taken her training wheels off thinking Emma might want to try a smaller bike she just had to ride her scooter. (usually that meant her standing on it with us running and pushing her around on the bumps.)Emma turned 6 on Dec. 5th. She was so excited and had a great birthday! She had lots of birthday lunches with both her grandparents and loved every minute of it! Nana got her Pj's for her American girl dolls and her too!
We have been so busy at the tree lot that we needed to have an easy no mess party. She was thrilled when I asked her if she wanted to have it at the gymnastics gym. It was a great party with her cousins (Sammy, Mckayla, Hallie, Avery, Krew, Aspen) and neighbour Olivia. Thanks to everyone who came!

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