Tuesday, January 05, 2010

12-5-09 Birthday Dinner

Emma really, really wanted to have her birthday party at the movies because the movie Princess and the Frog was coming soon. So on her actual birthday we said that she could pick where we went to dinner, and she could open her presents from us. She picked "that place that they cook in front of you" and it turned into a whole Doty family affair.She was the only one to actually catch the shrimp tossed at her in her mouth.
Aspen's present to Emma was a nightgown with princess and the frog on it, since Emma was having a dress up party at the movies. Emma really wanted the dress-up dress, but me thinking more about function, and cost opted for the nightgown that has been a huge hit, and was a fourth of the cost!
Emma got a DSi from us, and has loved it! She loved the fact that she is the "only" one with a pink plaid DSi. Yeah for stickers that are made to fit. We were thinking more along the lines of her not getting it mixed up with any cousins if she took it over to play.

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