Monday, January 04, 2010

12-5-09 Whos Who at Whoville

This years ward Christmas party was breakfast with a who theme. The girls had a blast dressing up and running around with friends. Emma knew that her cousin had a wig to be cindy-lue-whoo, so she was begging for Cindy hair. With a little prep the night before it turned out pretty cute. Aspen turned into a snow-whoo when I ran out of red for a tutu and all I had was blue.

Instead of Santa coming, we got the GRINCH (uncle Cord) The girls were super excited


James & Jessi McCalvy said...

That has got to be the MOST creative ward Christmas party I have ever heard of! Way to go! I think we skipped ours this year... We just weren't jazzed about breakfast, that is tooooo early! Oops.

Kristen Doty said...

Well, Amy was in charge. So no surprise it was done well. I should have taken some pics of the decorations they were great! And Clay's other sister Stacy panted the backdrop for the pics. It turned out really cute and lots of fun. great turnout, and lots of people dressed up.

Maria said...

awesome hair - you must shair how you did it!