Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4-2-10 Last Day Of Skiing!!!

We had a great ski season!
Every year we try to get the whole Simpson Clan up to the mountain to: play, eat and ski!
This year we had just about everyone make it! It was a blast!
Tyler and Aspen on the Bunny hill - After the Hi'five, Aspen wouldn't look at the camera because she knew I was recording. The stinker!Aspen - Tyler - Aunt Carlee - Uncle Kurt
Uncle Kurt with Jake the Grouch
(actually he was loving it, and would get so mad anytime they went inside)The human rope tow!
Aspen and I
(we do a lot of this! :)
Most these pics are of Aspen. Sorry Emma - you were off skiing with cousins and I had to steal this pic from someone else, so you would make it into this post!Last video, I promise, but I just have to put it in.
The 4 five/four year olds (Carter, Tyler, Stella, and Aspen)
They were skiing down this little hill, taking there skis off (all by them selves) and hiking back up to do it again. Aspen just had to do what the others were doing. So off she goes. When she got to the end this is how she decided to get her ski's off. After the first time I was bummed I hadn't got a movie of it. Lucky she did it one more time before realizing there was a much easier way and she didn't do it again!


James & Jessi McCalvy said...

Ha ha! Her not looking at the camera makes me think of YOU! Do you think Aspen might have a touch of Kristen's stubbornness? And I LOVE the video of Aspen's turtling! Sad we missed it! Love, J&J

Cami said...

I'm so incredibly jealous. It's so nice you all live close and your kids get to grow up doing such fun things with their cousins. Your girls are so cute.