Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1, 2010

Hello again!
Its been a really really long time!
Time for a little catching up to do huh!
I know your all so excited to hear all about our spring and summer!
I figure its my turn to try one of these wellness challenges.
But I'm making my own to fit me.
I can't go cold turkey from soda, sweets, and my chips. so I'm going to try pacing myself.
Here goes nothing!

Kristen's much needed wellness challenge!

* Get up at 7AM!!!!! (if you know me, you know how hard this will be)
* Drink 8 glasses of WATER (shouldn't be a problem if i actually exercise)
* 1 soda per day (not the 3-4 i have been)
* NO CHIPS!!! (think i just have to go cold turkey on this one, we'll see how it goes)
* exercise 45 min daily
* Sit ups / palates daily (time to dust off those palates DVD)
* No eating after 8pm
* Blog Daily / Weekly (or scrapbook! need to start 2010!!!)

I figure I will start this today Sep. 1st, and go till the end of the month and see how it goes. Course since I just decide to do this at 11 at night, my first day didn't start to well. I think the only things I did do are the sit ups, and the blogging. Ha ha!!!
Any one have any good ideas on how to track this thing?
Want to join me?
I could use the help!!!
Just a little blast from the past!


James and Jessi McCalvy said...

I will join you! I don't have a problem with chips - guess I'm not a "salty" person, but I do love my treats! Tracking... Maybe a sticker chart? Last time I did this, I bought a little notebook that fit into my purse and made myself a grid - one week per page. Then I could just make checkmarks on the things I did and big fat ZEROS around the things I didn't do. So I'll start a new list/grid. I wish I was closer so we could have scrapbook night together. I really really really want to do James' mission scrapbook (I have all the pics), but he says he won't remember anything. Oh well. I'll just have to wing it! Yay for you and your goals. And I LOVE that you'll be blogging a bit - love pictures of your cute family!

Cami said...

I am in the middle of doing this too! I made a spreadsheet that I printed out and put on the fridge. That way when I finish a glass of water I just put a tally mark on the sheet. It has been working really well. I'll email it to you, assuming you still have the same email address.

Oh and I found the first few days to be the worst but after that it seems easier. You can totally do this!