Thursday, September 02, 2010

4-20-10 Avery's B-day Party

So wayyyy back in April the girls got to go to there cousin Avery's 8th b-day party! It was a super cute, super girly party! My sis-in-law asked everyone to come wearing jeans and a white tee, and the pictures turned out super cute because of it!
(Can you find Emma and Aspen?)
They got to do tons of fun stuff!I was in charge of the bath-salts station.
The girls got to measure, pour, and mix all the different ingredients.
There was a spot for decorating a monster cupcake!
Take a look at Emma's hair! She cut is this summer. Its cute short, but I might have to blow up this picture to show her how cute her long hair was! I miss the long hair!They also got to paint there own letter (first letter to each of there names). then pick a cute paper to mod-podge on top. If you look really close you will see Aspen in there.
And of course they did presents and pinata. This is Avery opening the outfit that my girls gave her! The Skirt is one of three that my amazing mom and sister made for me (because I'm sewing impaired, and kind of like it that way)
I ended up getting them all the same shirts to go with it. I did help make the cute flowers that go in there hair. That's the blue flower on top of the brown. The brown one you can kind of see is a big brown tulle flower, with a teal button in the center that was made to tie onto the basket of the bike she got from her parents for her b-day! Mom made that too. It turned out awesome!!!

Later in the summer Emma got to go to another crafty party when cousin Mckayla turned 8. They made there own trifle, bracelets, and personalized necklaces. Wish I had some pics of that one.


James and Jessi McCalvy said...

Way cute! I love the picture of all the girls lined up, except it makes Emma look tiny (and Aspen is tiny!) - is Emma the youngest of all those girls? Miss you.

Kristen Doty said...

not sure if Emma is the youngest, but she is taller than Avery who is a good 9 months older. :)