Monday, September 20, 2010

6-17-10 Playing Dressup

One night the girls talked me into pulling out my container of keepsakes. They loved looking at my baby book, growth chart, books, ceramic hands and a few clothing items. I had two baby dresses. One in a 2T, and then this one in a 4T. Aspen loved trying it on. At least she did until I buttoned it up and it was pretty snug around her neck, and she's not use to that.

Its so fun to look back at the different styles. The big collar with all the lace cracks me up! :) I couldn't believe how short it was. I loved how poofy it was, but there is no way I could let the girls wear it out with out leggings or something. I cant handle it when the girls show there panties when they run are running around. Was it just fine for us to run around with our panties showing?

Emma got to try on my old Baptism dress. She will be baptized at the end of the year, and is so excited. I think she is the youngest in her church class and will be the last to be baptized. It will be fun to shop for a dress with her, and see what styles she likes. Funny how twenty years later the low band around the hips it totally in right now. :)

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Simpson Home said...

I think on you, the dress was a little longer! love your posts-