Sunday, October 03, 2010

7-3-10 FIREWORKS!!!


For three years now, Clay and I have been selling fireworks in the summer.
For about 2 weeks from mid June till July 5th, we eat, breath, and sleep fireworks.
Its actually been pretty fun, but we are always ready to sleep in our own bed, have our kids back, and get away from all the dust and dirt when its done. The girls go to family's house for the whole time. They are not aloud to stay at the fireworks stand, but they love to visit, shop and run around. This summer we decided to have a little sleepover / fireworks show with the girls before it got to crazy. It also lets us light off a few fireworks so we know how to describe them, and see a few of our favorites. Who knows how long we will keep selling, but so far its well worth it! So look for us next summer.

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